IIC offers open and closed cell foam insulation and blown-in fiberglass insulation for your residential or commercial properties. We also offer liquid applied roofing and special foam and coat applications.

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We now offer FOAM INJECTION! More information coming soon.

Wall Insulation-New construction

We insulate the walls with either a closed or open cell foam to an R value that is determined by the customer. We apply open cell (Icynene type) 3.8 R value per inch, closed cell (ridged) R-6.8 per inch and foundation foam/polyurea (a premium foundation system). You can determine your own R value by the amount you want us to spray. With new construction application of foam is quick and virtually mess free.

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Closed Cell Specs
Open Cell Specs

Attic and Roof Insulation

ICC has a number of approaches for insulating attics and roofs from spraying closed cell foam directly onto your roof deck to insulating on the top side of your ceiling.

We insulate the roof deck as “slanted walls”. This means that we approach the roof in the same way as walls (sprayed to R-19 with 2.75” of 2# closed cell foam). When insulating on the top side of the sheet rock we spray to R-13.8 (2” of 2# closed cell foam) to create a vapor barrier. After this monolithic seal is created we add 10” of blow in fiberglass or cellulose to achieve a combined value of R-44 and superior insulation.

When insulating the underside of a flat roof we spray 4” of 2# closed cell foam (R-27.6).

Of course, there are many more options depending on what the home owner wishes to achieve in terms of R-value, noise reduction (ask about open cell) and price. Thus, the given descriptions serve as a general outline of our most common strategies, but are by no means the limits of your options.

Closed Cell Specs
Ignition Barrier Specs

Foundation Insulating and Waterproofing

IIC will put spray foam insulation on the outside of your exterior walls!

IIC will now insulate the foundation walls completely from the outside and will coat it in a UV protected, waterproof polyurea coating to give your new home a sleek new appearance. Exterior foundation insulating and waterproofing is an exciting cost-beneficial way to secure your house’s estate value does not fall behind the energy efficient market of tomorrow.


-Waterproofs foundation walls more completely

-Fills nooks and crannies

-Allows greater living space, because interior insulation is unnecessary

-Eliminates possibility of mold growth that is common with fiberglass


(pricing is meant as a guideline. IIC reserves the right to update pricing information at any time)

January 26, 2010

IIC will charge $.82 per inch or board foot with a minimum of 2 inches applied or 2 board feet for $1.64 per square foot. The square foot price for R-19 is therefore $2.25 and jobs requesting 3” of closed cell foam will be charged $2.46 a square foot. (For thicknesses under two inches, IIC will charge $1.00 for the first inch and then the additional thickness will be billed at $.82 per inch in 1/4″ units. Thus an 1-1/2″ application would cost $1.41 a sruare foot.) When measuring rim areas IIC will charge the square foot price for the height of the rim plus any additional distance necessary to seal the top of the foundation wall/wall plate. Thus a 18” rim sitting on a 8” foundation wall would be billed at 24” of height reflecting the additional 6” of surface area required to seal the top of the foundation wall. We also offer open cell foam at $0.32 a board foot with a minimum of 3 inches. There will no longer be a minimum trip charge but each order will have a truck fee relative to the distance the job is located from downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Any job located within 30 miles of Minneapolis will have a $100.00 truck fee. A job located between 30 to 50 miles from Minneapolis will be assessed $150.00 truck fee. Each additional 20 miles of distance will incur an additional $50.00 truck fee. Distances will be calculated using Mapquest with downtown Minneapolis as the starting point. Jobs are expected to be ready for spray foam when IIC arrives at the jobsite. This means that valuables and debris are pulled away from the work area and all necessary work and inspections have been performed.

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